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We want to thank everyone for supporting us during this time. We are extremely grateful to everyone who has placed orders online or stopped by and purchased meat. During the next 30 days as we learn to navigate the "Shelter in place" order, we want to encourage everyone to shop local if they are able. We have so many local restaurants that are conducting business through carryout orders or delivery that are grateful for the business. I grew up in this business and it is always humbling to see how the local business owners really care about their customers. I know after speaking with several of them, they are taking every precaution they can to provide great and safe service to their customers. Head over to our Facebook page to see some of the many local businesses altering their business structures to comply with the"Shelter in place" order.

Thank you again for your support! Just a reminder, we are currently only delivering to Sedgwick/Harvey counties. Also, orders placed by noon will be ready for pickup the same day anytime after 3:00.

~Lacy Shields ~ Swiss Burger Brand Meat Company

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