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Tailgunner Sausage - Now Available

We are proud to introduce Tailgunner Sausage. Tailgunner Sausage has truly been a labor of love. We have been working on this sausage line for the past year and researching for even longer. When we decided to make a sausage line, we decided that we wanted to dedicate this line to our family patriarch, the man who started our family legacy at Swiss Burger, Dennis Fuller. Dennis (known to most as Denny or to our family he was simply known as “Poppy”) served in the Air Force as a Tailgunner on a B29. At Swiss Burger you would often find Denny swapping war stories with anyone he could. He was very fond of his time in the Air Force and proud to have served his country. One of Denny’s other great passions in life was food. He was always his happiest in the kitchen creating a feast for anyone who would stop by for dinner. He grew up in a restaurant owned by his parents which is where we assume his passion for cooking started. He taught us all through his subtle teaching methods how to create masterpieces in the kitchen. He taught us so well that among his two kids and six grandchildren, there isn’t a single one that doesn’t shine in the kitchen. One of his most important lessons in the kitchen was that adding a pinch here or a pinch there of his “Secret Ingredients” could really enhance the flavor of an entire dish.

We have taken all of the lessons that we can remember from Denny and put them into the recipes for this sausage line. We can just see the shy smile he would have on his face upon tasting Tailgunner Sausage and know he would be proud to have Swiss Burger selling this line. His philosophy at Swiss Burger was to always sell high quality meat and we are sure that Tailgunner Sausage will fit right in and continue Denny’s legacy at Swiss Burger.

We are selling these sausages at an introductory price of only $2.95/ lb. Check out the full line of sausages today!

~Swiss Burger Brand Meat Company

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