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Fanestil Hotlinks

Fanestil Hotlinks

By far one of our most popular products, the Fanestil Hotlink.  This hotlink is always a crowd pleaser.  Fanestil products are made in Emporia, Kansas and they use only the best ingredients.  These amazing, mouthwatering hotlinks come in three different sizes and are available in small and large packages.


8/1(1/8lb 3 inch hotlink) - 10lb box - 80 in the box

8/1(1/8lb 3 inch hotlink) - 1lb package - 8 in the package

4/1(1/4lb 6 inch hotlink) - 10lb box - 40 in the box

4/1(1/4lb 6 inch hotlink) - 2lb Package - 8 in the package

6/1(1/6lb SKINLESS hotlink) - 10lb Box - 60 in the box

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